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The South African Association of Stills Producers has committed itself to promote the best standards, practices and qualifying criteria based on international norms.  We hold this up as an example of best practice management for Production Companies throughout South Africa. Through this process, we aim to ensure that the members of SAASP are operating optimally, are therefore providing the best possible partnership for our clients. We believe that this will ensure the long-term growth and sustainability of the sector.

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The members of the South African Association of Stills Producers in South Africa recognize that unscrupulous or illegal behaviour by any one Production Company can have serious implications for the credibility and the sustainability of the entire sector. In particular, the industry is vulnerable to perceptions of misconduct in the form of theft or fraud. Agencies also have an increasing responsibility to behave ethically whilst working with minors.

At the same time, responsible Production Companies also recognize that

  • the economy must be open to greater participation in and ownership by a greater number of South Africans;

  • credible competition is necessary for an efficient functioning economy.

  • an efficient, competitive economic environment will benefit all South Africans.

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In response to these needs, the South African Association of Stills Producers has amended its membership criteria in order to:

  • provide all South Africans equal opportunity to participate fairly in the sector

  • encourage the sector to abide by all applicable laws and obligations

  • encourage the sector to live by the spirit of the law as well as the letter

  • achieve a more effective and efficient economy in the sector and in South Africa generally;

  • create greater capability and an environment for South African agencies to compete effectively in international markets;

  • resist particular trade practices which undermine a competitive economy (predominately by eliminating professional misconduct);

  • ensure that the membership criteria is reasonable and achievable, thereby encouraging the expansion and transfer of economic ownership in keeping with the public interest;

Membership is open to any Production Company that that fulfils the professional requirements included on the following application forms. Successful first-time applicants will be welcomed as Affiliate Members for the first year of their membership, during which time they will have access to all SAASP meetings and information but will not be entitled to vote.

Those disqualified from applying for membership include Body Corporates, Minors, those convicted of theft or fraud, those convicted of child abuse (including defaulting on Child Support payments) and unrehabilitated insolvents. 

If you like what you see and believe your company fits the criteria please feel free to make contact in order for us to discuss membership

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