Working in the Stills Sector

On just about any day in summer – and sometimes it seems on just about every beach or street corner – you’re likely to see those kombis and trailers and lights and orange bollards that mean that some of stills photography shoot is taking place.

On-location filming is a critical part of any production, and locations are something that Cape Town has a lot of. Infact, the Western Cape presents almost unlimited opportunities for filming, with widely diverse geographical and architectural locations within a short distance of the international airport. We have skyscrapers and quaint English cottages, industrial plants, ultra modern condos, and areas of startling physical beauty. We also have a diverse population; our faces look like we could come from just about anywhere.

This abundance of variety is supported by an excellent supporting infrastructure. Our production industry is characterised by
•    Internationally  renowned Production Companies providing exceptional services and facilitation
•    first-class crew
•    comprehensive support services including crewing agencies, location agencies, equipment hire companies
•    creative post production services including photographic processing labs
•    a “first world” infrastructure of internet connectivity, cellphone coverage, and efficient roads and air links
•    cosmopolitan English-speaking talent managed by experienced modelling, actor and character agencies
•    world class tourism product including hotels, car hire etc.

Additionally we have the weather – the sun is shining for fourteen hours a day in the Cape in the middle of the European winter. This means that European commercial and catalogue shoots can create their summer campaigns here and have them “on the shelves” in time for the European summer. It’s a win-win situation.

This fortunate situation has resulted in Cape Town and South Africa being one of the world’s most popular and successful destinations for Stills Photographic shoots.

The documents in this section will give you a better idea of what to expect when working in the Stills Industry.


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