SAASP appoints new Management

The South African Association of Stills Producers (SAASP) has appointed Rudi Riek as the new head of the organization.

Rudi is a locations expert who has over 17 years experience in the region’s film and television      industry, particularly as one of Cape Town’s most successful and respected Unit Location Managers. With clear insight into the related roles of government, the industry and the community around the film production process, Rudi has been consulting to SAASP and the Commercial Producers Association (CPA) on locations-related issues since 2011, and has made great strides in the past year towards making Cape Town specifically a more film friendly City.

Locations-related problems have been at the forefront of many of the difficulties production companies face in recent years, and the move to employ Rudi on a full time basis to deal with SAASP’s affairs is a conscious decision made by the SAASP membership to continue the momentum of recent successes that have arisen from work directly with the City of Cape Town line departments, as well as other locations stakeholders.

SAASP currently has 22 production company members as well as a growing number of associated members that are private Locations Agencies. SAASP promotes and develops the Stills Production sector, which contributes over R600 million to the local economy annually, and encourages more production companies and other associated businesses with a stake in the viability and sustainability of the Stills sector to join.

The SAASP executive committee for 2012 / 2013 has also recently been appointed and is as follows:

Caryn Van Wyk: Steel Productions
Robert McClelland: 2 productions
Gavin Levy: Cape Town Productions
Graeme Allan: Prinz Productions
Jeroen Vuyk: Kaap Film, TV, Stills Production

The South African Association of Stills Producers will continue to play a central role, coordinating and rallying the Stills Sector so that the product offering our clients will experience here is as comprehensive and as cost-effective as possible. Over the last decade, SAASP has frequently tackled issues that affect the Stills Production sector, and collectively sought proactive solutions. The organization has tackled rates and permits, locations and services, labour and immigration issues, and has engaged proactively and positively with the tourism sector, the environmental sector and the City and Provincial infrastructures, to ensure that when international clients choose to work in South Africa, their production experience is absolutely first rate.