Location Signs

Please take note of the followingcommunication developed after consultation with Terence Isaacs.

The City has recently contracted a new service provider to remove all unregistered/illegal temporary signage put up by various parties on street lights, roadside signage, etc. This service provider has also been removing film location signs as part of his duties.

The Film Permit Office has now cleared this situation with the relevant department and the service provider has been informed to leave film location signs alone – provided that they are not affixed to traffic directional signs and/or Traffic lights. The Film Permit Office has also requested the relevant department to provide a short one-pager on what is allowed/not allowed that will circulated to the film industry and put on its website.

The City is concerned that film  directional signs are often affixed to traffic directional signs  – this is not permitted in terms of the Traffic Regulations. These will be removed and the offending production company may incur fines.

Should the film permit office be alerted to any transgressions the production company will be required to remove them immediately. The Film Permit officers and traffic officials do remove them as well.

Please note this is a concession the City is granting our industry as in Jhb, Stellenbosch, Hermanus, and on National highways this concession does not apply. We would like to thank the City for this concession.