Key Benefits and Services of SAASP

  • SAASP communicates and advises producers on all important issues pertinent to the Industry.
  • SAASP provides an advisory service to members
  • SAASP is a networking platform for those working within the sector.
  •  SAASP provides an on-line resource to members whereby they are able to access all SAASP’s information, documentation and intellectual property.
  •  SAASP on occasion negotiates standard agreements and contracts with clients and suppliers
  •  SAASP provides legal guidance and advice to members on a range of issues, including labour and tax, VAT, work permits and visas, child labour legislation and permits, health & safety, locations, insurance, copyright etc.
  •  SAASP promotes transformation and training within the industry.
  •  SAASP mediates disputes between members, clients and suppliers
  •  SAASP lobbies government and other interest groups to ensure that legislation is favourable and in the best interests of industry growth and development
  •  SAASP lobbies for a film friendly and conducive production environment
  •  SAASP is a trouble-shooter which identifies and resolves problems before they impact negatively or become barriers to entry for industry
  • SAASP professionalizes the industry by encouraging  a culture of ethics and promoting standards of professionalism and accountability to which members subscribe

In light of the above, we strongly recommend that advertising agencies and international clients work exclusively with reputable SAASP members to ensure both peace of mind and the best possible results.

SAASP is committed to partnering its members to ensure that the stills photographic production industry in South Africa has a vibrant and exciting future.

Please note that only companies which produce stills photographic productions are eligible for full membership.



Rudi Riek – Consultant

081 525 0690