Children on Set

The laws of the Republic of South Africa strictly govern how and when Children may be employed by the Stills Photographic Industry. Useful information that allows you to manage your risks and obligations is contained in this section including:

  • The Sectoral Determination on Children in the Performing Arts Sector
  • An Explanation of the Implications of the Law on Stills Production practice
  • The Department of Labour Permit Application forms

The Cape Town office have indicated that the legislation requires that the applications are submitted 30 days before, however they have indicated that you need to apply at least 24 hrs before the shoot.

Please contact them at:

Ntosh Dukuda

6th Floor

Wesbank Building

Tel: 021 441 8097

Fax: 021 441 8136

They have indicated that they prefer hand delivered completed application forms, but will accept faxed copies to the above number.