Over the last two decades, South Africa has grown to become one of the most popular and dynamic Stills Production destinations on the planet. Currently, the industry turns over around 109 000 shoot days per annum, and generates more than seven hundred million South African Rand for the local economy.

The success of Cape Town as a Stills Production destination has not happened by chance; the promotion of the region as a Stills Destination and the subsequent growth of the Stills Sector is largely due to the activities of the members of the South African Association of Stills Producers (SAASP). Twenty three of the top Stills Production Companies in South Africa are all members of the Association. A full list of members is available here.

SAASP plays a central role, coordinating and rallying the Stills Sector so that the product offering you’ll experience here is as comprehensive and as cost-effective as possible.   Over the last decade, SAASP has frequently tackled issues that affect the Stills Production sector, and collectively sought proactive solutions. We’ve tackled rates and permits, locations and services, we’ve engaged with the tourism sector, the environmental sector and the City and Provincial infrastructures, all to ensure that when you work in South Africa, your production experience is absolutely first rate.

Furthermore, SAASP has committed to operate based on the seven tenets of Corporate Governance, namely:

  1. Discipline

  2. Transparency

  3. Independence

  4. Accountability

  5. Responsibility

  6. Fairness

  7. Social Responsibility

This position filters through to all of the members, who have committed not just to operating ethically, but to acting responsibly in relation to the environment, and to ensuring that, as South African businesses, the benefits of the industry are opened up to South Africans of every race, creed and colour. SAASP members have committed to ensuring that every legal requirement is met in terms of permitting, and they also carry all of the necessary insurances required to operate in Cape Town and beyond.

All this adds up to the knowledge that when you work with a SAASP member, you can rest assured that your account is being wisely managed, and the quality of service you receive is second-to-none.